Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kia ora

I am Krishan, and i am currently working for MIT - as a Facilitator for computer courses. I am community based - workign in Mangere. this is my first blog that i have created, so still experimenting the features available here.



  1. Hello Krishan your blog is looking fine so far. You will soon get the hang of it all. If you explore the menu in the posting area, you will see there is an icon for adding pictures. Flickr is a great site to find pictures which are under a creative commons licence - the by attribution ones can be used freely. I always think it is courteous to let the author know where you are using the images. If you click on more.. under the: by attribution section (which comes up first) you can search for material. See: http://flickr.com/creativecommons/

    if you click on an author's name/profile/send Flickr email.

  2. Hi Krishan,

    It's a big surprise meeting you here^_^
    I am sooooo happy that we are learning this course together. Yeah--!