Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evaluation Plan Version 2

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the comments, i do agree with all of you, that it may be hard or time consuming chasing past students to do my evaluation, so i might just stick to the current students i have. :)

I have just updated my evaluation plan and added a questionnaire as well. The questionnaire is still under development, i am planning to have a different set of questions developed for the facilitators to get their perspective towards the course.

I have uploaded the plan on Google Doc
Comments Welcome.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Draft Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Plan

I would be looking at effectiveness evaluation for unit 2780 – Operate a Personal Computer and 2781 Manage and Protect Data. Unit 20780/2781 is part of National Certificate in Computing level 2 units offered by MIT. I was initially thinking of only doing 2780, but since both of these units are offered in combination and students do both of them together. I thought the comments the students give would be for both of them so I better evaluate it as a whole cluster that contains 2780 & 2781.

Unit 2780 and 2781 is used to be offered via a text book, that students went through the theory followed by assignments and assessments. Just last year the whole course was changed to an online environment. Students work online with all the reading materials and quizzes and activities to work with and after completing the online materials than the students do the assessments.

My evaluation plan is to check:
- If delivering the course online makes it more efficient
- Whether students are able to use the online tools
The best way to do this evaluation is to get feedback from past students who had books and then compare it with current students who have everything online. Also look at their perspective by letting them know about the change and what would they have preferred.

The Sample
I would like to do the evaluation on students:
- Who has completed the two units
- Who are currently doing the units
- Who have done it by using the books (may be bit difficult to get hold of them)
- Will look at the age factor ( will try and keep it balanced)
- Will look at different branch students as well – to get a wider cultural group covered
Finding the sample of students and getting them to participate in the evaluation is a bit hard part. I would prefer having students who have at least done half of the course work – so that they are ready to give feedback. The ones who have just started the course – might prefer to take more time to give better feedback and I might not have time available to do my evaluation. I am planning to finish everything by the end of the semester so I will try and keep everything in the time line as such to allow me to be able to gather all the information be able to provide a report by end of the semester.

I will conduct the evaluation through:
- Questionnaires (suitable for most students)
- Interview
- Group discussion

I would prefer using the Multiple Methods evaluation model Mark & Shotland 1987 to conduct my evaluation project
Using the following guidelines:
TD2: Do students get clearly defined learning objectives that assist them in focusing on their learning activities?
- Are they able to follow the student guide and navigate through the course materials easily
- Are they able to complete the activities successfully
- Able to complete the assessments
TD5: Have a representative sample of students tested the e-learning materials, and any necessary modifications been made?

- To evaluate and see if putting the course online is made any changes
- To get feedback whether the students were comfortable using those tools.
- If any changes – what needs to be changed

Week 10 and 11 - Develop evaluation Methods. Find sample and Conduct evaluation
Week 12 - Gather all information and analyze it.
Week 13 - Publish results and receive feedbacks
Week 14 and Week 15 - Write a report based on the whole evaluation process and eh outcomes of it.

Time and Cost
I am planning to spend approximately 25 hours to complete the evaluation.
Cost - ?

There is more details to be added to this - please feel free to comment on it, while i am fine tunning it.