Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evaluation Plan Version 2

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the comments, i do agree with all of you, that it may be hard or time consuming chasing past students to do my evaluation, so i might just stick to the current students i have. :)

I have just updated my evaluation plan and added a questionnaire as well. The questionnaire is still under development, i am planning to have a different set of questions developed for the facilitators to get their perspective towards the course.

I have uploaded the plan on Google Doc
Comments Welcome.


  1. cant access it using my gmail account :-(

  2. Got ur plan now :-)

    Enjoyed reading yr plan. The guidelines and subquestions you choose / created are proper to course 2780/81. Just wonder because this cluster is totally online, many students will do it outside clsrm. Maybe a bit hard to get more students answering ur questionnaire :-(

    I am not sure whether we should take ethnic group in acount as evaluate the effectiveness of the online material. But I do notice there are differents between students in diff ethnic groups. Assuming the reason you investigate it is to reduce the bias conclusion might coursed by ethnic group?