Friday, July 3, 2009

Report Summary

Sample: 14 Facilitators took part in the survey and below are the results:

Unit 2780-81 has recently been converted from text books to a totally online course with facilitation available. 78% of Facilitators think the majority of students are coping well with the change.
What is your opinion towards the online materials of 2780-81? Around 50 % likes the idea of it being online, and around 28% disagrees with it being online.

50% of facilitators think students are able to follow through the student guide and complete the learning objectives of unit 2780-81 without much guidance and 20% disagrees or are neutral.
Majority facilitators think it is easy to navigate through the course contents and assessments of unit 2780-81 a few thinks there is need for improvement.

The majority students fall under what ethnic group:
NZ European, Maori, Chinese, Indians, Pacific Island – this shows that the survey had looked into a wide spread of ethnic group over the different locations.

More than 50% think the age factor affects the learner’s ability in dealing with online resources, so digital divide is an issue with elearning.

Below is some common difficulties student’s face while doing the unit 2780-81:
Navigating the Course contents 23.1%
Trying out the interactive activities 38.5%
Quizzes 23.1%
Assessments 30.8%
Overcoming information overload 76.9%
Understanding the layout of the contents 30.8%
Completing the Learning Objectives 23.1%

From the above results, it can be said that majority facilitators think – overcoming information overload as a common difficulty students find.

The above results are just views of what the facilitators think. I am still in the middle of gathering information from students.



  1. Hi Krishan
    Interesting that such a large percentage 76.8% of facilitators consider that information overload is an issue for the students.

    50% of the facilitators consider the age of the students is an issue to their learning - would be good to see the ages of the students. Assume this will appear in the students surveys? You could provide recommendations here (in your Report) maybe for pre-training for those students to bring them up to par before they start this course, if necessary?

    It will be interesting to see how the results from the students survey compare to these results.


  2. Hi Michelle,

    Yes its true that the age is a great factor for the online course and the "digital divide" issues. As our courses are open entry without having to do any diagnostic tests or so... it makes it very hard to say no to any students, but we do recommend them to go over the level 1 basics before they start the level to National Certificate course.

    Yup I am still working with my student results ... running a bit behind :(


  3. Krishan - some good results here. i wonder why the facilitators responded - Overcoming information overload 76.9% - whereas the students in the next lot of results you posted about - wanted more work. This just goes to show you how important it is to use mixed methods so you can obtain more than one perspective.